Charlottesville and Albemarle 

This page contains information about how the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County is taking steps to address climate change issues of mitigation and resilience in our communities.  We will also feature ways YOU can get involved!

Updates Related to the City of Charlottesville

City Council Meeting Juy 17th at 4pm
Presentation of Results of Alternative Fuel Studies for Charlottesville Area Transit

Background Charlottesville Area Transit is evaluating the feasibility of switching the type of fuel it relies on from diesel to a zero-emission (or low-emission) fuel. The transition to a new fuel type would support the City’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. However, to make this transition successfully, CAT will need to ensure that its vehicles are able to serve the work requirements of its routes in a reliable fashion. This study reviews the technical viability and risks related with switching fuel types and demonstrates the level of investment and timeline required for the transition to a zero-emission bus fleet. 

Discussion A presentation will be provided to council on the current state of the Alternative Fuel Feasibility Study. This presentation will review the technical analysis portion of the study and serves as an interim milestone for the study, which will be followed by additional engagement with external stakeholders and internal City staff. 

Supporting Documents
Agenda description
Alternative Fuel Report
Alternative Fuel Presentation

Tree Canopy (TC) Commission
Much of the tree canopy loss in recent years is due to development projects on private land.  One of the TC’s most important current efforts is to increase the planting and protection of city trees during development.  It sent a detailed set of recommendations to C’ville Plans Together.  The TC welcomes ideas from the public.  They may be submitted via the TC's website

Natural Gas Usage and Phase Out

Christine shared this news story with Charlottesville City Council members:

Updates Related to Albemarle County

Utility Scale Solar
How Many Solar Fields, Sean Tubbs, Cville Weekly, June 29, 2023

National Updates

Inflation Reduction Act

Information about the Inflation Reduction Act in the Washington Post - which has
This article outlines the tax incentives for home owners regarding electric vehicles and electrification of homes.

Resources for Homeowners


When it comes time to replace your furnace and /or air conditioning system consider switching to a heat pump.  This article describes the benefits to the consumer and environment.  A bill has been introduced by Senator Amy Klobuchar in Congress to encourage the switch to heat pumps.  

Resources for Renters

Advocacy for getting involved in local government

Please realize that anyone can attend and comment on issues being discussed at local government meetings.

See an example of our own co-chair Emily Little advocating for climate action at a past City Council meeting.