Green Consumerism

What is Green Consumerism?

Green consumerism, also known as sustainable or eco-friendly consumerism, refers to the practice of making purchasing decisions based on environmental considerations. It is a form of consumer behavior that aims to minimize the negative impact on the environment by choosing products and services that are more sustainable, renewable, or less harmful to the planet. 

How can you contribute to green consumerism? 

Support these local green businesses:

Dip Shampoo Bar

Bottle None Shampoo Bar

GoToob+ Silicone Travel Bottle

Bee's Wrap Packs

2. The Scrappy Elephant- keep unwanted art and craft materials out of the landfill and get them back to the community at affordable prices through their store and studio.

3. Refill Renew Cville- The easiest way to say goodbye to single-use packaging is to keep using it again and again! Refill Renew makes it easy to stock up on all personal and home care needs while keeping plastic out of the landfill.

Step 1: BYOBottle

(or use one of theirs).

Step 2:

Tare (weigh) your bottles.

Step 3:

Fill your bottles.

Step 4:

Tare your bottles again and check out.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs:

There are several CSA programs in the Charlottesville-Albemarle area. CSAs typically allow individuals to purchase a share of a local farm's produce and receive regular deliveries of fresh, seasonal produce throughout the growing season. Here are a few examples of CSAs that have been operating in the Charlottesville area:

Farmer's Markets: 

Shopping at farmer's markets is a great way to buy your produce locally which reduces transport emissions from importing goods. This practice also supports our regional farmers and consequentially, our local economy! 

Check out these markets to start your local food journey:

Saturdays 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

April - November: Saturdays 9AM - 1PM

Every Tuesday, times vary; 

Check out their Events Calendar for more dates and


May - September: Wednesdays 3PM - 7PM

October: Wednesdays 3PM - 6PM

April - October: Saturdays 8AM - 12PM &

Thursdays 4:30PM - 7:30PM

Winter: Saturdays 9AM - 1PM

April - November: Saturdays 9AM - 1PM

12PM - 4PM dates vary, check UVAGreenDining for events

Everyday practices

2. Reduce Meat Consumption: reduce land use, greenhouse gas emissions, water use, pollution and biodiversity loss by eating more plants and less meat!

3. Move: Bike, Walk and take public transport when you can!

4. Read up on other ways to be a sustainable consumer here!

5.  Swap out your single use products for reusable goods, or those made from recycled or biodegradable materials

Sustainable Swaps

Check for the FSC certified logo on paper products

Use a reusable water bottle and your own shopping bags