2024 Meeting Minutes and Community Announcements


6:30 p.m. Tuesday March 19, 2024 via Zoom

Gabe Dayley, Albemarle County’s Climate Program Protection Manager, will provide a brief update on the state of county climate action program. Gabe also will field questions from attendees.

In addition, Christine Putnam will discuss dark skies. Light pollution is causing our nights to become almost 10% brighter every year. The disappearing darkness affects the health of all living things. Learn more about the impact of light pollution and the things we can do to address it.

The meeting will include a discussion of the status of Charlottesville Area Transit bus fleet electrification. (Much has happened in this arena in the past month.)

As is our custom, representatives of affiliated organizations will report on their recent activities and current climate action issues.

This chock-full-of-interesting-things-meeting is open to the public. We hope you will attend and join in discussions!

Here is a link to notes from our previous meeting:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KDltTeLJP6Hj7CJl77eURKS2O9fdBfrYcJPrHweIaRc/edit?pli=1

Don’t know much about Cville100? We invite you to check out videos of presentations at past Cville100 meetings. These are available on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/@Cville100ClimateAlliance-bi8do).

You can learn more about Cville100 at cville 100-climate.org. Or, contact Tom Olivier (cruz.olivier @gmail.com).


6:30 p.m. Tuesday, January 23, 2024 via Zoom

 NOTE: January meeting is being held on 4th Tuesday because the Charlottesville City Council
will hold an important meeting on bus fleet electrification on January 16, the third Tuesday.  

General Announcements:
Bruce Glassco (Charlottesville-350) will update Alternative Fuel presentation given to the City Council and updates on the bus electrification campaign. 

Participant Reports:
The meeting  features reports from Cville100 allied organizations about their activities and climate actions.   Representatives that report out include the Sierra Club, Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice, Citizens Climate Lobby, UVA Office of Sustainability, PEC, PVCC, Green Grannies, and Charlottesville-350 and more!    

The meetings are open to the public. Join us and take part in the local climate action scene!
All are welcome to attend the monthly meeting of the Cville100 Climate Coalition.  We are an alliance of organizations with local climate action as part of their mission.  Our meetings feature climate action news and discussion.  Much is happening now in both the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, so we expect wide-ranging discussions among attendees.  There are many opportunities for you to be INVOLVED in climate action!